Kansas City Metro Based Photographer, specifically in Lee's Summit currently. In the past, we have been located in the Prairie Village Shops, Waldo on Gregory, & The Windmill Square in Overland Park.

Does a photo need restoring?

We can help copy and restore your family heirlooms for the generations to come.  We have worked with prints that have had water damage and when the print emulsion has been stuck to the glass. Prints have been bent and/or torn. We can make a copy of the original print and use our skills in photoshop to restore your image.  Each image is different, so we will need to see it to give a custom estimate on price and timeline.  It can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of months, depending on the time of year and how severe the damage.

Traditional Copy and Restoration

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Do you want an original work-of-art? Do you have an image you love or have a vision to merge snapshots?

Most people have that great shot of your kids or grandchildren or from a once-in-a-life time vacation, but it is a low resolution, pixelated, or blurry image. We can create an one-of-a-kind art piece from them. Or maybe a loved one passed away and you want to honor their memory with a masterpiece painting.  What if you will never be able to get one portrait of your pets or children… we can build a new image using old snapshots to create that dream portrait painting.  These paintings are created digitally, printed on canvas, and can have additional accents hand painted with acrylics for the perfect texture.  We would be happy to discuss your images and ideas to create your work-of-art!

Painting to Create or Rebuild Photographs

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