Kansas City Metro Based Photographer, specifically in Lee's Summit currently. In the past, we have been located in the Prairie Village Shops, Waldo on Gregory, & The Windmill Square in Overland Park.
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Celebrate Children & Babies

Childhood is a time of rapid growth and change, and Lori specializes in capturing these special moments. She takes the time to find the perfect location for each session, and encourages each child to play and be themselves while she captures the magic of their childhood. Infant and baby photography is particularly special, as this is a time in a child's life that will never be repeated. The little details, such as tiny fingers and toes, are so precious and will soon be gone, making photographs a timeless way to remember this fleeting time in their life.

In addition to capturing those special moments, VanDeusen Photography also offers the Watch-Me-Grow package, which is designed to document your child's growth and development throughout the years. This is a wonderful way to keep track of your child's milestones and create a comprehensive record of their childhood. So, if you're looking for a way to celebrate your child's milestones and preserve the memories of their childhood, VanDeusen Photography is here to help!

"Watch me grow, from a baby so small,
To a child with laughter, standing tall.
Time flies by, with each passing day,
As I learn and grow in my own unique way.
So hold me tight, and never let go,
And watch me grow, from head to toe.
Memories we'll make, of this special time,
Forever in our hearts, forever to shine."


Momma Baby Portrait Session, Overland Park, Kansas by VanDeusen Photography
Big sister kissing baby sister_Cute Sister's Portrait Session, Overland Park, Kansas by VanDeusen Photography

Karen B.

We consider our annual VanDeusen Photography photographs of our children an investment in a work of art. We feel we are supporting a local artist for our community and a small-business for the economy. The quality and personal relationship we have with Lori and the studio is fantastic!

Watch me grow family

Crazy About'm Book - In-Home Session

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Children & Baby Books

A custom photographic book is a beautiful and tangible way to preserve the memories of your child's growth and development. As your child grows and changes so quickly, it can be easy to forget the small details and milestones that make up their childhood. By creating a custom photographic book, you can keep these memories fresh and easily accessible, allowing you to relive those special moments time and time again.

Having a beautiful book on your coffee table serves as a constant reminder of the joy and love you feel for your child. It also provides a wonderful opportunity for you to share your memories with others and to introduce your child to their own story as they grow older. By having a custom photographic book, you can ensure that the memories of your child's infancy and childhood are kept safe and well-preserved for generations to come.

In conclusion, a custom photographic book is a wonderful way to celebrate and preserve the special moments of your child's childhood. It allows you to cherish each step of their growth and to keep their memories fresh for years to come. With the help of Lori, you can create a beautiful and meaningful book that you and your child will treasure for a lifetime.

Watch me grow family

Crazy About'm Book - In-Home Session

watch me grow family

Crazy About'm Book - At The Park

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