Kansas City Metro Based Photographer, specifically in Lee's Summit currently. In the past, we have been located in the Prairie Village Shops, Waldo on Gregory, & The Windmill Square in Overland Park.
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Celebrate Children & Babies

Every milestone is an opportunity to celebrate your baby and child!  VanDeusen Photography wants to celebrate those with you!  Lori will help find the ideal location for your child's session and guide them to play and have fun creating one-of-a-kind treasured portraits. Infant/Baby photography is pure joy!  No other time will those pieces and parts of your baby be so precious.  Ask about our Watch-Me-Grow to help keep those yearly milestones documented throughout childhood.

"It is amazing to see
How big they can be
Yesterday so small
Today so tall.

Children grow up so fast
Babies they don't last
The years fly by
It can make you sigh.

But watching them grow
Is like watching a show
The ups and downs
The tears and the clowns.
But no matter what the age
And no matter what the stage
Our love for our child always grows
They will always be our baby you know!"

—Amazing To See by Catherine Pulsifer


Karen B.

We consider our annual VanDeusen Photography photographs of our children an investment in a work of art. We feel we are supporting a local artist for our community and a small-business for the economy. The quality and personal relationship we have with Lori and the studio is fantastic!

Watch me grow family

Crazy About'm Book - In-Home Session

Watch me grow family

Crazy About'm Book - In-Home Session

watch me grow family

Crazy About'm Book - At The Park

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