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I'm Lori

I am a photographer with lots to celebrate! My favorite things in life. In no particular order…

  • Crazy about animals and kids…
  • Loves sweets… My all-time favorite food was my great-grandmother's Lemon Meringue Pies… well, she made special pies for me that were just meringue. Now as a grown-up, I like the lemon part too.
  • Still watches and sings along to The Muppet Movies, Annie, Mary Poppins, and The Sound of Music to name a few… I however have an awful voice and cannot hold a note to save my life.
  • Enjoys walks and hiking with her three favorite sidekicks Ali Cat, a 11 year old shih tzu-dachshund-pekingese-lhasa apso mix rescue, her 9 year old brother, Charlie Bear, a tan dachshund-bishon frise-lhasa apso mix rescue, and the newest addition is Zacky Poo, a 7 year old poodle-shih tzu mix rescue. (Embark is fun!)
  • George the cockatiel fills my home with music and helps me get ready in the morning. While Heather the softest and sweetest Mini Rex Rabbit brings love and cuddles to my life.
  • Has a hubby of over 27 yrs that will put up with all my pets! 
  • A son that is all grown up, but I think he still likes me! Ask me about him, I’ll proudly brag… ;)
  • Fabulous mom & dad that help with whatever when I call!
  • Has the travel bug and visited over 25 countries, mainly across Europe. Fav countries Malta, Norway, Austria, and Australia!
  • Oh and I’m loving our new home in the Lakewood community of Lee’s Summit. I’m learning to enjoy lake life, which is a new mindset for me. This summer I've got the pups in the kayak with me!
  • I love that my 20+ years of photography has allowed me to meet, connect, and create art for truly wonderful people!  
  • I want to know who and what you want to celebrate...

My History...

Lori McMillian-Hahn

Owner | Photographic Artist & Master Photographer

Art has always been a part of Lori’s life. She grew up in an artistic family: her father, a photographer; her mother, a potter; her brother, a painter and sculptor. While she loved playing with many art mediums, photography was the direction she chose as she settled down to start a family.

Lori was always part of the photography business. From vacuuming the floors at an early age to her first official summer job working at the office, she was making appointments, providing customer service, and assembling wedding proof books and albums. She began assisting the lead photographers, quickly became a second shooter, and soon was a lead wedding photographer. This allowed her to be a stay-at-home mom until her son went to kindergarten and she took on an office position again at the studio. She began photographing children in 2005, pets in 2009, and kept expanding from there.

Lori has also studied Digital Painting with one of the best photographers in the country. This process reinvigorates her love of mixed media, creating unique and artful photograph, then she hand paints every stroke on the computer. After the image is printed on the highest quality archival paper, Lori then hand paints with acrylics or oils on top of the print to complete the Masterpiece! Imagine your image as a Work of Art!

Lori can also be hired for commission pieces for photos taken by you, the client. A favorite vacation image, or that amazing candid, once in a lifetime moment, or maybe even that blurry or pixelated image that you love so much can all have a new life as a Masterpiece. If it has good bones, it can be an amazing painting. Imagine your image as a Work of Art!

Travel photography is another passion of hers. She has been to Australia and about 25 European countries. Her trips included the UK, Switzerland, Norway, Poland, Italy, Greece, and Malta. Adventure and beauty are addictive when you are talking about travel.  

However, she has put travel on the backburner to care for her furry and feathery kids and her 91 year old father-in-law who lives with her and her husband.

Lori earned her Masters of Photography and has won many awards for her portraiture work and travel images. Four of her images were even chosen by the National PPA to travel internationally and published.

She looks forward to what comes next… and hopes you will be part of it!

vanDeusen Photography History...

Dolores VanDeusen

Owner | 1968 -1978

Dolores began its photography business by door-to-door selling Watch-Me-Grow packages with the Lial Ramsey Company. With the success of their efforts, the company expanded to three photography studios, two located in Kansas City Metro and one in St. Louis. The main focus of the studio was to capture precious moments for families and children.

To expand their services, Dolores hired Paul McMillian to specialize in wedding photography. Under Dolores' guidance, Paul quickly rose to become the wedding manager and formed a partnership with JCPenney weddings to provide exceptional photography services for couples on their special day.

Paul F. McMillian

Owner | 1978 - 2012

Paul McMillian took over VanDeusen Photography and consolidated its three locations into one high-end studio that specializes in children, families, seniors, and weddings photography. He is a Master Photographer and holds a Photographic Craftsman certification from the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), and is a lifetime member of both the national and local PPA Associations. His awards include the Fuji MasterPiece and Kodak Gallery Awards.

With over 5,000 weddings photographed in the Kansas City area, Paul's work has earned recognition from high-profile clients, including political and sports celebrities. VanDeusen Photography was located in Prairie Village Shops for approximately 15 years and in Waldo off Gregory Blvd for 8 years.

Paul continues to pursue his passion for photography and has showcased his work in many local galleries. To view or purchase his body of work go to paulfmcmillianphotography.com.

Lori McMillian-Hahn

Owner | 2012 - Present

Lori continued the legacy of VanDeusen Photography at the Windmill Square in Overland Park, offering a boutique photography experience with a focus on beautiful imagery and exceptional customer service. Her services include family, children, baby, pet, and high school senior portraiture, as well as personal branding and event photography. She can also be commissioned for Masterpiece paintings and photo restoration work.

Lori holds memberships with both the Missouri Professional Photographers of America and National Professional Photographers of America where she earned her Masters of Photography. Awards from Professional Photographers Association of Greater Kansas City include: First Place Wedding Album, First & Second Place Wedding Image, Best of Show, First Timers Award, and Top Ten Photographer’s Award several times. In Missouri PPA, she earned Top 10 Photographers, First Place Wedding Image, two Second Place Wedding Images, First Place Pet Portrait, First and Third Place Illustrative several times and many Judges Award. Four of her images have been selected for the National PPA Loan Collection and published internationally, and two have been published in the General Book.

She currently works from her home in the Lakewood community of Lee’s Summit and has made the world her studio.

You may view and purchase her fine art and travel images in the Art Gallery.

Lori Hahn's most recent awards with Missouri Photographers of America Associations

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Kansas City Metro Based Photographer, specifically in Lee's Summit currently. In the past, we have been located in the Prairie Village Shops, Waldo on Gregory, & The Windmill Square in Overland Park.
lori@vandeusenphotography.com | 816.822.9100| Established in 1978| Lori McMillian-hahn | National Award Winning Master Photographer